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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wikipedia mDict for Windows Mobile

I'm still having some fun playing with my wikipedia parser I posted below. The main reason why I think this kind of exercise is fun is because of the immense amount of data it contains.

I took the time, and implemented the first two points on my "possible improvements" list below. I knew that a database would be the logical next step, so I fired up my MySQL, and implemented a simple first pass, that would index all links in the wikipedia. The second pass would then use these statistics to select the most relevant articles based on these stats.

So that way I was able to get a much more consistent subset of wikipedia, with inline resolved redirects.

So here is a dump of the most popular wikipedias for mDict, a free dictionary reader that can be used on Windows Mobile and Windows Smartphones :

(Updated May 2009)
Download from LegalTorrents™

Copy the MDX file to your SD Card/Internal storage, and select Library/Search All then it should add wikipedia to your library.

Lastest version is for mDict 3.0

Hosting kindly provided by LegalTorrents™. Any donations on the page will be split 15/85 to LegalTorrents and Wikipedia Foundation.

Feel free to comment, if you have specific requests.