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Thursday, February 01, 2007

RAW Converter Proof of Concept

I was browsing around my sources, and found a fairly ok working version of RawEngine, I wrote about when I started this blog.

The last thing I did was beginning a rather big restructure, which I didn't finish. But I found an older version that seems to work ok. So I thought I'd post a binary and the source files, since I don't plan on continuing using this codebase anyway. Actually it's a big mess, that hurts my eyes to look at. ;)

The binary should work on nVidia GeForce FX or later. I'm not sure if this version includes fixes I made for ATI. It has mainly been tested on older Canon RAW photos, but since it is based on a rather old version of dcraw I don't think files from cameras that are more than a a year and a half old will work. Canon EOS 20D files work. ;)

Download Binary.

Drag & Drop a RAW file into the window. Use left mouse button to drag image, right click to zoom. Use Scrool-Wheel for zoom. Shift-Left-click to rotate image. Ctrl-Left-click and drag a corner to use a rather bad deformation. Controls on the right should be self-explanatory. ;)

The source has been adapted for Visual Studio 2005 Express. It requires DirectX 9 and probably the platform SDK. The working cg libraries are included. It is based upon MS DirectX Toolkit. These parts are Copyright Microsoft. The changes are Copyright me - mail me, if you for some strange reason should be interested in using any of it.

Download Source

Disclaimer: I do not support this. Don't mail me, if it doesn't work - I wont care. Have a bit of fun with the app, and delete it, when you realize it isn't really useful. But try to have fun while it lasts. :)

I hope to revisit the idea again some time, but until then, take care.


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