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Sunday, April 03, 2005

Minor updates

There hasn't been much time for new features lately. I've spent a lot of time on work, photography and more personal stuff. So for now the only update is correct (I hope) White Balance. The white balance is now loaded from the RAW file and automatically being applied to the photo.

Right now the only problem I haven't dealt with is the combination of rotation and skew, which currently has problems. Skew cannot locate the correct corner when the image has been rotated, and the selected skew is distorted, when the image is rotated.

As always, I'm thinking a bit furher ahead, and I'm still considering how to make things fast. A non-latency UI is essential for this kind of application, so a rather lage issue is fast file load. Unfortunately most of the time right now is spent uploading image data, which is hard to do something about ATM. I could go for the Capture One approach and start by uploading a 2x reduced image, which will be significantly faster. Maybe just as an option.

Just had a look at fft3dGPU 0.40. An FFT based image smoother. Very interesting as a smooth/sharpening option later. Also made by a dane, btw. I also though about some basic drawing capabilities for drawing shadow/highlight areas. My current idea will be something like a Soft Light layer in PhotoShop. A similar approach could also be used for color adjustments, which should be like a Photo Filter adjustment layer. I also found an article on Correcting Chromatic Aberration, and a script to correct this. So there's lots of inspiration to be found.

As a sidenote, I've added my own personal blog - in danish.


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