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Monday, February 21, 2005

Plus one photographer

The last few months I've spent some of my spare time with photography. I've started out slowly by borrowing my girlfriends camera to try out if photography was really something for me. Last weekend I finally pulled myself together and bought myself a very nice camera.

I really like getting into these things again. It's been more than 10 years, since I last did any serious photography, but it's really nice to get it going again. I feel that all my work by doing different movie productions really pays off - even though I realize that things like framing and scene lighting is much more important in still photography than movie productions.

I've really begun loving shooting in RAW mode on the camera. Being able to manually correct things like exposure and whitebalance after the shot has been taken is really great. It allows you to focus on one issue - sharp images and not much more. The extended bitdepth of RAW images is also a great things - although only really useful for studio shots.

I'll keep uploading images to "" - photocritique - a danish site - but the images itself are of course "international". I'll probably also put up a few here from time to time.


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