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Monday, September 27, 2004

Music is Math

I have been buying some new music lately. I've been quite lucky to strike gold almost every time. Of course it's hard to buy crap when you got excellent online music stores like bleep, where you can get some of the best music, that has been made to date - and also is able to listen to the music before you buy.

Soft Pink Truth: Do you Party
[sorry - although bleep is good, it is not good to link into]
This album totally blew me away! It contains an extreme amount of samples composed into very detailed and melodic pieces of music. It contains a great deal of retro-sounds used in a very funky way. Although it resembles the great "My Way" album by Akufen, it is much more funky and much more interesting.

Very recommendable!

Other albums I've bought lately:

  • Mouse On Mars: Radical Connector. A great album from MoM. Really shows they have grown up, but are still able to keep the egde and make some truely rememberable tracks.
  • Björk: Medúlla. Björks ability to find new and interesting ways to sound has amazed me for quite a while - and she hasn't stopped yet. The very interesting ways she combines completely vocal tracks and electronic music makes a great and intersting album. While I was there I also picked up "5 Years" - a track that has haunted me for years. Finally I got it!
I also picked up some stuff from magnatune, that deserves mentioning here. Artemis is an intersting band with a great album. Great vocals combined with good production. In the same category, Curl might also be worth checking out.

PS. In case you are wondering, the title is from BOC:Geodaddi.


  • Well, it is not the same thing, but Bjork's vocal arrangements were inspired on "La Misa Criolla" by Ariel Ramirez (She told a journalist about it).
    So if you can find it, give it a chance...

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:42 pm  

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