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Tuesday, August 03, 2004

ID software has done it again

Doom 3

It seems like ID software has done it once again; released a mindblowing game. I had the luck to get to play a few hours of Doom 3 at my friends place. The best word for it is "scary". It even surpasses one of my favorite games System Shock 2.

The graphics are great. It plays well on my Geforce 4 Ti4200, at lowest resolution. The shadows and general usage of light is the best I've seen - even better than what I've experienced in Thief 3. Having a room go completely dark or burning red while monsters roar around you is just scary.

But the best part of D3 is actually the sound. The ambient music, the voices all over and the mood of the sounds just make the entire experience. Running around with your flashlight while you hear a monster groan is very instense!

The story (and yes - for the first time ID has actually made a story worth following) is ok so far, but emphasis seem to be more on action and spooking the player. I just wish they had brough in Warren Spector in his glory days to help develop the story. It seems quite predictable, and not up to System Shock standard. But still way better than anything ID has ever done.

I'm looking very much forward to purchasing the game myself, so I can get on with the game.


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